They Just Don't Get It.

The Saskatchewan Party just can't figure out why people are offended at their use of a photo of an aircraft being flown into the Twin Towers in New York.

Saskatchewan’s Environment Minister is using an image of the 9/11 attacks was used to advertise a Saskatchewan Party fundraiser in her riding.

The poster promotes the “2nd Annual Spring Fundraising Dinner” in Nancy Heppner’s Martensville riding and promises a pig roast as well as a speech from Chief Richard Picciotto, the highest-ranking firefighter to be pulled from the rubble of New York’s World Trade Center.

What the Chief's insights have to do with Saskatchewan is a mystery to us all. Hepburn Saskatchewan is, after all, some distance from the events of September 11th.

A photo that forms the poster’s backdrop shows the World Trade Centre exploding into flames. The New York Times photograph was taken right after the hijackers flew the iarcraft into the building’s upper floors.

Shame on Heppner and shame on the Saskatchewan party for trying to capitalize on this tragedy to raise politcal funds in this cheap manner.

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  1. OUCH, OUCh, OUch, Ouch, ouch, ooooowwwww.


    Way worse than the Feds contracting with an outside agency to call me at dinner time with repeat computer messages:

    "This is an important message... (cue bad music; repeat times four)."

    Most of us KNOW than if it's really important, a HUMAN will call!!]

    Or should...


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