Scratch one up for Wiley Coyote

I was encouraged to see that Saskatchewan Agricultural Minister, Bob Bjornerud has canceled the coyote bounty program, even he did it a bit begrudgingly. When announcing the cancellation Bjornerud had to admit that the Saskatchewan Party had received a great deal of criticism about their plan.

Well, chalk one up for the bloggers, the activists, the naturalists and the wild life experts.

The program, which stipulated that in order to collect the bounty the hunters had to cut off, and submit all for paws, before being paid. That struck me as a more than a bit barbaric and it also raised the speculation that those out shooting coyotes for beer money probably can't tell their left from their right so the government had to make it all four paws..

The announcement also make me think that books like little Red Riding Hood and Peter and the Wolf kept the Agriculture Minister up nights when he was younger. Obviously those books left some permanent scars. Bjornerud is afraid of coyotes. Suggesting that canceling the program might put children at risk he said, “I have grandchildren” and it would be tragic if someone’s children or grandchildren were mauled or killed by coyotes.

Of course other than grandchildren, the coyotes eat quite a few gophers and other pests. The way I see it the more coyotes eat, the fewer gophers and the less poison the farmers put into the soil.

The next time you see Bob. Give him a hug and tell him everything will be all right.

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