Now That Would be a Interesting Twist

We may see an interesting turn of events in the Omar Khadr matter in the coming months. Little Stevie Harper may have to soften his position that Khadr must be tried in the old USofA.

Khadr, who is perhaps the world's most famous child soldier,
was sent to Guantanamo just a few weeks after his 16th birthday in 2002. I wrote about facts of the case as I understand them in an earlier blog. The story is a twisted tale of lies upon lies by US officials.

It seems that the new administration don't want the publicity and criticism that bringing a child soldier to trial would heap upon them. It limits their ability to be critical of other nations who use child soldiers. Trying Khadr legitimizes the practice.

So US officials are trying to figure out a way to get Canada to ask that Khadr be repatriated. The Americans don't want to simply send him home. They would get too much flack from Republican knuckle draggers and I can just imagine how Fox news would react.

The trick now is to get Harper, stubborn to a fault, to change his position on Khadr which would be a little embarrassing for him.

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