Now Here is an Idea

My friend John Deverell suggests that what this country needs is an electoral alliance consisting of the Liberals, the New Democrats and the Greens. I think he is right.

A coalition and an agreement not to split the vote would give us a Liberal/NDP/Green majority in Parliament. Working together, that coalition party could, through electoral reform guarantee every Canadian citizen an equal effective vote and equal representation in Parliament for all future elections.

Once the system is fixed, the various parties could go their own ways in the next election should they choose or, they might find it works so well that they’ll stay where they are.

He suggests that the price the Liberal Party would have to pay is to allow Canada to become a democracy and asks, “Is that a price Liberals are ready and willing to pay?” I wonder.

It is an idea to think about. As unlikely as it sounds, the threat of a Conservative phony majority might just prompt our party leaders to look a bit past their own noses.

Canadians would benefit.

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