Harper Supports Canadian Asbestos Sales Oversees

Sierra Club Canada is joining with the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Medical Association, the World Health Organization, other environmental and health organizations and many concerned Canadians in calling for an end to government funding of the asbestos lobby group the Chrysotile Institute. While Stephen Harper's government is cutting funds from women's groups and aboriginal healing programs, they will be providing $250,000.00 of taxpayers' money to fund an asbestos lobby group.

The use of most asbestos products is illegal in Canada. Canadian authorities say the product is simply too dangerous to our health for us to use. The material is still mined about 100 km south of Quebec City.

This Chrysotile Institute promotes asbestos in developing countries, telling them it can be safely used. Health authorities say the Institute's information is dangerous and false and will lead to an epidemic of asbestos disease and death in the developing world where it is sold.

Last week Christian Paradis, Minister of Natural Resources and MP for the asbestos mining region of Qu├ębec, appeared before the Standing Committee on Natural Resources to defend the industry and the Conservative government decision to fund the lobby group.

Come on Harper, give your head a shake. This is all a bit beyond the pale isn't it. Will you go to any length to buy a few votes in this riding.

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