Just who are the10 Best Mystery Writers of our Time?

Over the weekend Scott pointed me to the Canada Reads website where their summer project is to name the 10 best mystery writers, of our time. The site's creators and the CBC seems to think that August is the best time to read mystery novels. I personally think that idea is tied to driving up to the cottage in the Muskokas or somewhere like that and spending your time reading on the dock by the lake. I don't know about you but I read mystery novels all year round.

I love their idea nevertheless.

My list of favorites is long and was tough to narrow it down but, I have read all 20 of Ian Rankin's Rebus novels. I have a soft spot for Detective Inspector John Rebus and when I was in Edinburgh this summer I scoured the city for his old haunts. The Oxford Bar, Mary King's Close, Fleshmarket Close, St. Leonard's Police Station, Arden Street, Salisbury Crags and the meadows.

My full list, with Rankin at the top and the rest in no particular order would include, John Brady, Peter Robinson, Robert Wilson, Martha Grimes, Ruth Rendell, Denise Mina, Minette Walters, Colin Dexter, Graham Hurley, P.D. James, Elizabeth George and Stephen Booth.

Oops, that is 13.

So, who do you read? Who do you like best. Check out Canada Reads and add your choice and tell them why. I hope Ian Rankin is within your choices. Have fun.

I think they are a bit slow to post peoples comments but I guess we can't expect the moderator to work weekends.

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