Are we Going to the Polls?

Just in case you were wondering about the likelihood of an election in the fall, the signs are there and my guess is that we are about 60% certain that Little Stevie will try and taunt the Liberals into forcing us into one.

The one thing we don't know is if Iggy has any more jam than Stephane Dion.

The NDP are pumped and ready to go, the Liberals are Sabre rattling their way through barbecues and town hall meetings, the Conservative/Alliance/Reformers are poised to re-announce just about every program they have ever thought up and who knows what the Bloc are up to.

Look out for a different campaign. Taking lessons from Vladimer Putin, Stevie has abandoned warm and fuzzy for stalwart and steely eyed.

Don't believe me?

What Canadian Prime Minister has ever spent five days observing military exercises. None that I recall. I spent eight years in the Canadian Navy and never saw a Prime Minister although I did see a Defense Minister once. That was Paul Hellier and we all hated him for his unification of the Armed Forces plan, but I do digress.

In the last week we have seen Harper;
  • standing on the casing on a submarine. I hear they might have even dived the thing for him
  • walking around all decked out in full flying gear, helmet and all
  • sitting in the door of a helicopter, legs dandling out as it took off. Or perhaps hovered for the photo op.
This is the new militaristic Stevie, ready to take on the enemy.

I for one am having a bit of a hard time seeing the Ottawa dough boy in that light but he is trying hard to impress Canadians. The depressing part is that it might just work.

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