I drove to Calgary today to check out the Calgary Folk Festival. I always liked Prince's Island as a musical venue, at least ever since I worked on a Burton Cummings concert there for a CBC music special, years ago. It is a much larger space than Victoria Park in Regina can offer but you do lose some of the intimacy because of the size.

The locale is fantastic with the food stalls along the path under the trees.It was a pretty good crowd. People wandering around, laid back. The smell of reefer was fairly strong around the first aid tent which seemed appropriate to me.

My favorite t-shirt of the night was one that said Club sandwiches Not seals. I had to borrow a pen from someone because if I didn't write it down I'd forget it.

Thursday night's concert is always a bit more low key but tonight was even more so becuase Michael Franti was suddenly taken ill and they had to cancel his appearence. I heard someone say it was appendix but, I don't really know.

Iron and Wine closed the show. Somehow I thought it would be more that one guy and his guitar, He was very good.

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