More Gord Hunters than you can shake a stick at

The day had a bit of a funny start I had a letter published in the Leader Post today, no big deal, just a rant about ethics during the recent election. You can read it on my Maple Leaf T-Shirt blog. The LP called me back this morning saying that another Gord Hunter, this one works for the Saskatchewan Government, called all pissed off that someone with the same name as his had a letter in the paper.

Now on one level I can understand his concern, the government in power is pretty vindictive and any thought that the public servant Gord Hunter, was less that loyal and it would be just like Alice in Wonderland - OFF WITH HIS HEAD.

On the other hand I have been putting up with the fact that there is a Gord Hunter who works as a City Counselor in Ottawa, where I used to live. We don't share a political viewpoints at all. He ran as a Liberal several times.
Colleagues used to steal his election signs and send them to me just as a joke.

There is a Gord Hunter who studied at the University of Saskatchewan and now teaches at the University of Lethbridge. He doesn't seem to mind that we share names.

Also when my partner and I were first dating there was a right wing coloumist in B.C. called Gorde Hunter. Some of her collegues thought she was dating him. Now that was a scary thought.

There are more than one of us out there. Take a Valium.

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