Vote of Non Confidance

Quick! Before it's too late.
I am not going to make a list of reasons because anyone with half a brain and access to the internet or a newspaper already knows the list is as long as your arm but...Does anyone else think it is time for a citizen's Vote of Non Confidence in the Harper Government?

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  1. how anybody voted for him in the first place amazes me...oh wait he is in with less than 1 in 4 eligible votes???....how did that happen again?
    the harper government has taken canadian politics to a low that we will never recover from
    ....and get this ....he has done it in the first year of a four year mandate
    i feel ripped off and betrayed
    and am not looking forward to the next three years of destruction and criminality
    if i have to live under a banana republic third world dictator i at least want a decent beach


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