Ten ways to recognize a booming economy, the Saskatchewan way

  1. Unless you are on a four-lane highway if there is any pavement at all, it is crumbling. 
  2. The Provincial Recreation Areas offer almost nothing in services and are maintained, if that is the word, in an appalling state.
  3. Small towns are getting more and more run down, and smaller every year. Abandoned houses prevail.
  4. The infrastructure is breaking down everywhere.
  5. The government’s twisted logic boasts about the fact that it raised the minimum income at which its citizens had to pay taxes thus taking 114,000 people off the tax rolls altogether.
  6. With rents increasing as much as 75% Low-income workers and students can’t afford housing and first time home buyers can afford to get into the market.
  7. A significant number of students take six and seven years to get a four-year degree because they can’t afford to go to university full time even thought they live at home. 
  8. Thirty Seven percent of your First Nations people live below the poverty line and 20% percent of children under six, live below the poverty line, the worst level in the country. 
  9. People can’t afford to travel so with no comparator, they actually think Saskatchewan is booming.
  10. Still too small for Ikea to even consider coming here

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