What is Next on the Agenda We Wonder?

There is a lot of speculation about all this
I noticed that the union and Air Canada reached a deal today. Well, considering that Harper and his bunch showed their hand over the disputes at both Air Canada and Canada Post it is no wonder. Any smart negotiator knows you can probably get a better deal at the table than you can from a legislated settlement.

Why wait to see what the Blue Meanies think is fair?

The Postal Workers are a bit more stubborn so it is anyone's guess what happens there but I would be surprised if they wait to see what Lisa Raitt thinks is a fair compromise..

Who knows what might be next. There seem to be two schools of thought in Canada.

  • Those who think the world as we know it will never be the same and; 
  • others who are reasonably certain that this new "majority" government, after dealing with a few grass roots issues like the gun registry will settle down and take a more moderate path.

I for one, find it tough to think they won't take advantage of their new position to put their right wing stamp on our country. We will survive though. This isn't the first government with a get tough agenda. We lived through Brian Mulroney and I have spent most of my life fighting cuts to programs by the Liberals.

Never the less, they have a full agenda and as much as the graphic at the top right is a joke, it isn't all that far from reality.

This in no time to be complacent.


  1. Given what happened in Vancouver last night, I believe Harper should bump #4 on his shopping list to the top!

  2. Well considering harper is an evangelical premillennial apocalyptic christian of the saved variety
    and a selected attendee pre-election to the PMO and subsequent host and key speaker at the Bilderberg meetings (depopulationists/elite NWO promoters)
    Plus the fortunate majority son of a corrupt election process
    His agenda will be three pronged (how apt)
    more military adventurism will hasten the end times (..."it will cost us blood and treasure")
    More corporate appeasement will consolidate elite power interests (god favors the deserving)
    And more american style and secretive politics burying his own observations via "our benign dictatorship"
    Your list while damaging in its own right
    it will probably be only cover smoke for his exceptional ability to weaken Canadas safeguards bureaucratically by forced resignations and firing of competent resistance.
    His blushing school girl adoration of American policy will grease the NAU and seal our fate.
    Not pretty but jacks fuming won't change it,for that matter jack likes half of it or at least his new digs.
    That may be the biggest betrayal in our system. We vote for meatsacks that may or maynot at a moments notice remain true to election promised principles. The ability to lie in parliament with impunity also seems pretty bogus. honorable members? really?


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