Asbestos is Back in the News

Blue Meanie Headquarters
Asbestos is back in the news with a United Nations resolution, attempting to ban the substance, coming up next week. One time asbestos was widely used in Canada but, it's use has been outlawed in this country for years after it was recognized that it causes lung cancer. Asbestos has killed millions of people world wide.

Canadians overwhelmingly support the ban, but to our shame, our government is the only developed country trying to block an agreement that will save lives. 
Stephen Harper knows that he is isolated, at home and abroad, and he with his new majority his Blue Meanies can get away with blocking the deal quietly. Fat chance.

I blogged about this issue in early 2010 and wrote to my MP, Tom "do nothing" Lukiwski asking for a ban. The response I got was laughable. We need a major public outcry to make sure our government knows that Canadians are watching.

In an attempt to convince Little Stevie of the error of his ways a campaign website has been set up and I urge you to visit and join over 4500 Canadians who have already sent messages to our PM.


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