Why Would we Trust this Man?

Stephen Harper tries hard to make Canadians all believe that he is the one bastion of hope, standing tall against those who want to chip away at the very underpinnings of our democratic structure. I don’t think anything could be further from the truth.

From day one in this election Stephen Harper has raged on and on about the legitimacy of coalitions forgetting it seems that he was the first one to propose that option in our recent history. Harper has been saying, over and over, how it isn’t democratic to try and be Prime Minister, if your party came second in the election.

So, one of my favourite moments in the debate this week was when Gilles Duceppe shared with us the time and place where Harper had called Jack Layton  and him together to propose exactly that. If the opportunity arose, they would take Paul Martin down and to propose to the Governor General that he, Steven Harper take over as PM. Harper’s nose grew another inch right on the spot.

Harper gave us the clearest insight into his thinking when he rejected the opposition leaders’ arguments saying, “I simply don’t accept the truth of those attacks." Those were the most honest words spoken by our PM, this whole campaign.

I could go on and on and on. It come so naturally to him I am not sure he really knows he is doing it any more.

I cannot remember  being so disappointed in a Prime Minister in my sixty six years. It is time for him to go Canada.

Please vote..

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