What a Way to Spend an Afternoon

Before I retired I used to think I spent half my life in airport departure lounges so, today is like a flashback.

A couple of hours ago, I had what will no doubt be my last Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich for a while and climbed on a Rapidair flight to Toronto. We left late of course which was no big deal to me/ I have two and a half hours to kill in the GTAA terminal.

What strikes me is how little things have changed.  Oh OK, they now have free wifi but they still have the same old loop of 10 minutes of news, weather and sports. Same commercials, same stories, same forecast. It is like they think that all the other bored travellers and I will only be stranded here for 15 minutes or so. I am not sure how many time I have heard a report from a freelance reporter who "has just arrived in Japan" and who is updating us on the "growing nuclear crisis" there.  The CBC who packages this stuff, needs a reminder about what "live" means.

The food is just as bad and  as always, overpriced.

For my amusment I have been watching businessmen gestulating wildly as they talk loudly on their handfree cel phones. "Explain to me how they lost those files. Let me tell you! Heads will roll over this."

Airport groundworkers huddle in a corner working on their hockey pool, others move through the terminal in that measured slow walk designed to extend any coffee break by at least 15 minutes, flight attendents hurry in small groups hustling to their next flight and a harried gate attendent apoligizes over the intercom once again for the fact that my aircraft now has maintainence on board and that she doesn't have a clue how long it might be. Well I figure, better to find the problem on the ground and I hunker down into my book.

 Who knows.  I'll keep my fingers crossed. With luck, in another hour or so I'll be out of here.

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