Saskatchewan Business Can't Think Their way into the Boom Box

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OK its official the whole Regina new stadium idea is dead. Oh sorry, The new Multi Purpose Entertainment Centre is dead. Or as Mayor Pat in his new persona as a caring municipal leader might say "The opportunity for North Central Regina urban renewal is dead."

No matter how you cut it, no new stadium.

Now those of you who read this blog probably already know that I won't be shedding a tear as the final nail is driven into the stadium coffin. I always wondered why since neither Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg have domed stadiums, Regina thought that we were entitled to one. Those cities are much bigger and just as cold yet, they seem to cope.

Blame the feds. Blame the Feds. They didn't come through with the needed $100 million needed to jump start the idea. People are so pissed that my MP Tom Lukiwski will probably lose his seat next election over his lack of support for local projects. Boy, now there is a silver lining if I ever saw one.

What I do find interesting through all this is the fact that with no Federal funding and no NHL team promise Quebec City is going ahead with their new big $400 million arena. In that city the private sector ponyed up.

Here in Saskatchewan with the arguably the most financially successful team in the Canadian Football League and a fan base that can be depended on win or lose, there was no sign of that private sector cash.

In my opinion that can mean one of two things;

  1. Either there is no economic boom here in Saskatchewan despite what Premier Brad Wall would like people here  to think. 
  2. Or, The private sector in province is so stuck in the "have not" mentality, they can't think their way through to the "boom" box.
What do you think Brad.

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  1. There was a massive private-sector proposal from Saskatchewan First Nations, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and Hard Rock Casinos to build a new $1 billion 55,000-seat retractable domed stadium complex, designed by renowned architect Douglas Cardinal, in exchange for Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw. If governments shouldn't be involved in building community infrastructure such as stadiums, surely they shouldn't be involved in casinos. It would have been win-win -- turn the casinos over to the private sector where they belong, and get the best stadium in Canada in return. There must be a boom in Saskatchewan if we can afford to turn our backs on $1 billion in private-sector investment.


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