Let's Keep it Small

Libyan Navy's Soviet built Koni III
Class Frigate, A Haina
I am baffled at how this country's move to provide some minor military support around the Libya is being characterized in the media as "Canada's substantial military role." Canada is sending one frigate to the Med, HMCS Charlottetown, and already has a couple of Air Force transport planes in the area.

Don't get me wrong. Anyone who has read my navy blog knows I am not anti navy. I just think the media exaggerates. As I understand the role, it is mainly to assist in the evacuation of Canadian nationals and the citizens of other friendly nations. What ever happens, it is unlikely to turn into a shooting navel war.

True, Libya does have a Navy. Established in1962, it is a fairly typical small navy with a few missile frigates, corvettes and patrol boats to defend the coastline, but with a very limited self-defence capability.  

The Canadian government have not actually given the expat community much to feel secure about lately. With cutbacks to our embassies abroad desperate Canadians concerned about their safety have had to cope with over loaded switchboards and answering machines lately so, kudos to the government for stepping up. 

So Canada is are going to be a player as this North African drama unfolds.   A small player is what we should be. Let's keep it that way. There are plenty of other friendly nations much more geographically capable to help out than we are.

And, if nothing else, it is a crafty political move for Harper to engage in this conflict. It will deflect from all those pesky questions about election fraud, Bev Oda, political interference in funding NGOs, appointing unqualified friends to the CRTC, gun control, paying for the tough on crime agenda, and on and on.

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