I Wrote to my MP Today

Tom Lukiwski
Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

February 7th 2011

Dear Sir;

I got another of your householder flyers today and I must tell you that I continue to find them offensive. They add nothing to the dialogue; they are misleading, dismissive of alternate views and in most cases the production values and content are amateurish. There is nothing helpful about them whatsoever.  They are ineffective and bothersome.

To be completely honest, I have seen so much of it over the years that I have lost all objectivity. Having your picture constantly slipping through my mail slot, at this point simply makes me angry.

Frankly, I think that to send these tons, yes tons, of material through the postal system each week is in a misuse of taxpayer’s dollars. I ask you to stop sending me this postal spam immediately. If not to placate me, at the very least to save some trees. 

In fact sir, when I really think about it, I wish that you would simply make the decision to retire from politics and let the voters replace you with someone who will speak up for our community. If that is too much for you to swallow, go back to the backroom politics from which you came.  Trade you MP’s chair for that of a back room boy and work with the Harper team, planning its treachery from behind the scenes.

You and the other Saskatchewan Members of Parliament have become irrelevant. You refuse to speak up for constituents except perhaps at the personal level. You and your colleagues are supposed to represent us but, you never speak out about issues which are important to Saskatchewan’s people and our collective voice is not being heard.

To be properly represented in Ottawa we need more than mouthpieces for the Prime Minister.

I have copied all your colleagues Saskatchewan Conservative MPs, not out of any malice nor to cause you embarrassment but, because the message would be the same for all of them. It is just that you are my MP.

Please give real consideration to my request. Many, many constituents will thank you for it

Yours Truly

Gord Hunter

c.c.  Prime Minister Harper
       All Saskatchewan Conservative MPs

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