The Enemy is at the Gate

The Coalition is coming. The coalition is coming
I thought this story out of Ottawa was amusing.

A month or so ago, John Baird who, horror of horrors, might be my MP if I still lived there, sent out an e-mail encouraging supporters to come to a $500.00 a plate fund raiser on February 9th, in an effort to build up his war chest to deal with the expected 2011 election.

As the event gets closer, and John get a bit more nervous, he has ramped up the rhetoricThe soiree which was once promoted in a fairly low key manner is noted by the Globe & Mail’s Jane Taber, has moved into “the enemy is at the gate” mode. Baird now says, “There is a chance that the Ignatieff-led Liberal-Bloc Quebecois-NDP coalition may force an unwanted and unnecessary election on Canadians in 2011,”

Oh no, Help! Help! The coalition is coming! The coalition is coming!

The nervous Baird is now bringing in the heavy hitters. The event which will be held at the home of a wealthy Tory supporter now be attended by Minister Jim Flaherty, Stockwell Day, Marjory LeBreton, and other “special guests.”

The foxes snuck into the hen house a few years ago and I for one would be happy to see any attempt to rout them.

Coalition, or no coalition, just throw these guys out on their bushy tails.

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