Nicholson and His Cronies Are Out of Touch

The right wing, law and order agenda marches on. The Government has again introduced legislation which would make a six month jail sentence mandatory for growing a few as six marijuana plants. This is legislation that died on the order paper when Harper prorogued Parliament a few months ago. The Senate reviewed the bill and thinking it too harsh, recommended some changes which would relax some of the more draconian penalties but Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has chosen to ignore those suggestions and resurrected his old bill.

Nicholson who I suppose would know about these things, suggests that anything over five plants growing at home is done for the purpose of trafficking. What a crock. It just shows how out of touch these Tories are.

If this bill passes, anyone wanting to smoke a little reefer will have to buy it on the street instead of harvesting a little from under the grow lights.

This all might go down well in small town Alberta but I can't see it winning these guys any support in British Columbia where, from an agricultural perspective,  the devil's lettuce is the largest cash crop in the province by a long shot.  Amazingly, the Liberals voted for this legislation the last time around but, they seem afraid to vote against anything that might inadvertently cause an election. Frankly, I'll feel a little better when the Liberals stop self destructing and find their cahones.

The thing that we should never forget when it comes to government bills is that a good majority of Canadians votes against the Tories in the last election. They may be ahead in the polls today but they can never claim to be a government supported by a majority of Canadians. They are just there because of a deficiency in our electoral system.

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