An Interesting Week

It has been a strange week in the news.

Sex-Ed Woes
Ontario announced to much fanfare that it was giving the sexual education curriculim a significant overhaul. I was franky surprised at how much media attention the issue got. It was almost as if they were stirring the pot rather that reporting the news. If that was their goal it worked. It only took a day or so for the religous lobby to climb up on their high horse and force the Ontario government to back down.

There has been a great deal of positive and negative response to the proposal but as always it is easier to get attention for opposing an issue than by being on the supporting side.

My favorite comment though was in a letter to the Globe & Mail where letterwriter Geoff Millar wrote "The President of the Somaii Parents for Education thinks that sex eucation should not be a public, but private matter, and not part of general education. This from someone who hails from a country where 95% of the female population has been forced to undergo female genital mutilation."

Good point Geoff. 

Have the Police Got Better Things to Do?
Both the Harper and the Wall governments have been wasting  police time and resources this week by asking them to examine information to see if in eaither case charges are warrented.
  • In Ottawa  Harper asked the RCMP to investigate the famous Guergis/Jaffer couple to see if pictures exist of the couple in the company of prostitues and with cocaine being present.
  • In Regina the Wall government claims that they can't really talk about the details about the Serge LeClerc incedent because the police are investigating a tape which was provided to the CBC in which it is claimed thet LeClerc talked about doing cocaine and smoking weed.
I am sorry but the police can't lay charges or take any action as a result of their being pictures taken or because some who might sound like a MLA admits it on tape. Both governments are hiding behind this absurd notion to avoid talking about their errant politicians and in doing so are abusing their power and wasting the time of the law enforcement agencies. We woukd all be better served if those agencies just spoke up.

Tom Lukiwski Weighs in

I was surprised to read that at the Jaffer hearings Tom Lukiwski scolded Rahiem Jaffer this week asking him, Do believe or do you understand that your actions have tarnished the reputation of all politicians from all parties"  

I had to give my head a shake. How Tom "A Team" Lukiwski could lecuture anyone about keeping a higher standard is beyond me.

Kenny vs Galloway

Catheryn Atkinson wrote a large peice on Rabble about British MP Goerge Galloway and his being prevented from entering Canada to give a series of four lectures on mid east issues.It seems, as most of us suspected all along that Jason Kenney was very hands on in the decision to ban Galloway despite his repeated denials.

Documents showing that Kenney's office was vigoriously invloved in pressuring the Canadian Border Services to ban Galloway will be filed in court next week.
Atkinson wrote " The controversy behind the Canadian banning of outspoken British anti-war MP George Galloway is set to deepen -- with potentially damaging implications for the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney, and others.  ....After Galloway and his supporters launched court action against the ban, 66 pages of documents of particular importance were mistakenly released to his legal team. The documents make up a paper trail of the events leading up to Galloway's ban, and are known as the Court Tribunal Record. The Canadian government's lawyers requested their return, unopened and unread, and in order to be redacted, claiming they related to issues of National Security. The judge, Justice Richard Mosley, declined this request on Jan. 4, 2010, with some minor exceptions" 

It should be an interesting week in the courts and in the house.

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