What is the Puffster Doing Now?

Remember when Mike Duffy was made a senator? It wasn't all that long ago. He was in the same bunch with Pamela Wallin and Nancy Raine Green. At the time the Puffster as Frank magazine use to call him said, "I'm not much or a partisan" but claimed he agreed to take on the job because Harper said he needed his help reforming the Senate.

Now Duffy and the old skier Nancy Green Raine have launched an video ad trying to give the Harper government a much needed bounce after the Olympics. This video is over the top particularly for a so called "non-partisan". I tried to find the original but couldn't. A few people are having fun with it however. Have a look here.

1 comment:

  1. It would be funny if it wasn't true.

    What do they feed the Puffster to make him fat and bald?

    What ever it is that better back off a bit or the Puffster is going to get stuck trying to get into the Senate and his baldness will blind all of the rescuers.


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