Aren't Mossad Hitmen Terriosts?

Interesting that no western government has really spoken up to condemn what most are agreed was a hit by Mossad, Israel's intelligence and espionage agency on Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai recently.

Oh, to be sure several countries have expressed their displeasure that the Mossad hit squad used forged passports in the names of a group of people from Australia, the UK, Germany France and Ireland. This is an old Mossad trick. In fact in the past they apparently used Canadian passports while up to their dirty work not so long ago.

If governments are to have any credibility at all, they are going to have to condemn acts of terrorism, those perpetrated by their friends as well as their enemies.

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  1. no mossad assasins are not at all terrorists.they are doing a noble job.killing somebody like mahbouh in dubai is not terrorism.ask us indians we have seen what islamic terror is.islamic terror is a way of life where the practioners(=terrorists) dont have any hesitation in killing innocents,orpahning children,windowing women.mossad has used assasins against these terrorists.so wats wrong in that?you need to fight fire with fire.thats what mossad is doing thru its hitmen.hats off to these personnell.


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