Speak up about Prorogation

On December 30th, 2009, for the second time in as many years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has asked the Governor General to prorogue parliament.

In doing so, Harper has avoided taking responsibility for the treatment of Afghan detainees. He has also stopped in their tracks 37 pieces of legislation that impact regular Canadians like you and I.

Saturday, January 23, 2010 please join your fellow citizens in sending a strong message to the Prime Minister that we will not stand idly by while he suspends democracy in Canada!

We need electoral reform in Canada. It is time we did away with our first past the post system and caught up with the vast majority of the western world and brought in proportional representation.

In Regina the rally is at 1:00 on the Scarth Street Mall, near the Buffalo

See you there

If you live in Saskatoon the time is the same and will be held at City Hall Square on the south side of City Hall, 222 - 3rd Avenue North.

In Prince Albert the rally will be held at the Union Centre.

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