Back woods party. Back woods ethics

I am not sure why we'd expect anything else from the unsophisticated bunch in power these days. But we do. I think we expect at least a smidgen of ethical behavior from the people in charge in Ottawa but why should we. These are backwoods politicians for the most part. Small town, small business owners who really don't have a clue.

But you know, handing out stimulus package cheques with the Conservative Party Logo on them, may take the cake. Excuse me, that is taxpayer money not money donated to the Conservative Party.

I'd wager that most of that lot, like the small town boy to our right, saw nothing wrong with it until the college boys and girls they hire to advise them, who have actually taken ethics 101, told them it was wrong.

I'd like to see a breakdown of where the money is actually going. Mostly to Conservative ridings we are told. In Nova Scotia for example, Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s riding of Central Nova is the big winner, with $87.7 million in stimulus money, 13 times as much as the $6.6 million being spent in Dartmouth, held by a Liberal. In fact, Mr. MacKay’s riding received more money than all five Liberal ridings in the province combined.

Here in Saskatchewan where we are represented by political lightweights we aren't getting the type of hnadouts seen in other parts of the country but, I for one would love to see a national breakdown. Where is this money, which has given us the largest deficit in Canadian history actually going.

There should be some resignations over this. Preferably Harper himself.

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