Nellie's For Breakfast

If you are in Calgary and are looking for a basic, old fashioned, diner breakfast, in my experience, you can't beat Nellie's. You won't find some packaged deep fried potatoes passed off as hash browns here. The servings are substantial and the service is casual and friendly. They have the feel of old fashioned diners.

There are five Nellie's restaurants in Calgary, two within a couple of block of each other on 17th Avenue. I can vouch for both of those ones but I haven't tried the others.

A couple of eggs easy over, hash browns, toast and sausage along with some good coffee will take you easily to lunch, and beyond. So next time you are in Calgary, relax, settle in, read the paper and have a few cups of coffee. The staff are friendly and they don't seem to mind when you take your time. It is just a great way to start the day.

Five star breakfast everytime.

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