You Can Smell it in the Air

It has been a cold winter. Even dyed in the wool, hard core prairie people, born in Saskatchewan were talking about slitting their wrists. Anymore -35 days and I swear I'd have jumped off the Albert Street Bridge. Of course the height of that thing considered, I would probably just twist my ankle and have to limp back top the car in the cold.

Winter's back is broken though. It has been above zero for a few days now and my spirits are beginning to soar. I went out and chopped ice from the curb on the weekend. I shoveled snow from the roof. I slopped around in rubber boots.

To celebrate I walked around Wascana Lake this morning. It was a bit crisp in the wind but, things are melting and you can smell spring in the air.

I'm ready. It is about time.

Next week I start on my tan.

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