Jason Kenny Should be Ashamed.

British MP George Galloway, on a speaking tour of North America tp promote peace has been refused entry to Canada by Little Stevie's storm troopers.

He said today on his website today that he will use all means at his disposal to challenge the decision of Canada’s pro-war, conservative immigration minister, Jason Kenny, to refuse him entry to the country to give a series of speeches.

Galloway is this afternoon exploring with organizers of his speaking tour and with legal advisors avenues to challenge the decision, which he brands “irrational, inexplicable and an affront to Canada’s good name”.

Galloway was not informed of the decision until after it had been given to the media. The grounds provided by a spokesperson for Mr Kenny for the ban are that Galloway’s opposition to the deployment of NATO troops in Afghanistan make him “inadmissible” to Canada.

The Guardian Newspaper reports that "A Canadian spokesman confirmed that the Respect MP had been deemed inadmissible on national security grounds and would not be allowed into the country." Other reports say border security officials had declared Galloway, "inadmissible" because of his views on Afghanistan and the presence of Canadian troops there and would be turned away if he attempted to enter the country.

A spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Canada said the decision had been taken by border security officials "based on a number of factors" in accordance with section 34(1) of the country's immigration act.

What is surprising to me is that Galloway's American tour will go ahead. So the British Member of Parliament is fine to visit that hotbed of paranoia south of the border but is far too dangerous for our country.

It should come as no surprise that Galloway was expected to criticize the Harper Government's role in keeping Canadian troops in Afghanistan. He has been an outspoken critic of the mission there.

While it is fine for, someone who people consider to be a war criminal, to visit Calgary to defend his eight years in office, to come and to criticize Little Stevie is another matter.

What a toadie that Kenny has turned out to be.is.

It is ironic that while this was going on, four more Canadian solders, in Afghanistan, ostensibly to bring democracy and freedom of speech to that country, were killed today.

It is sad for freedom of expression in this country.

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