Jason Kenny attempts Damage Control and Fails

Jason Kenny, Canada's immigration minister is in the news again today. He is telling Canadians that his department is getting tough on Mexican, Haitian and Colombian illegal immigrants. He says that these illegals are abusing our generosity and that it is "...a violation of the integrity of our immigration system."

Well to be honest, that is when I started to laugh. CanWest News sunk to a whole new low using the words integrity, Immigration system, and Jason Kenny in the same paragraph. I don't know about your home town but there are not a lot of Haitian illegal immigrants here in Regina. Perhaps all these illegals are taking the good tables in the Calgary restaurants Kenny likes to frequent.

My guess is that he is trying to deflect people's attention away from his department's decision to refuse entry to British MP George Galloway. (see blog entry March 20) I don't know Jason but, you are going to have to do a bit better than that to distract me from that kind of stupidity. My guess that is was the best his flacks could come up with on short notice.

Jason Kenny has become a laughing stock, particularly on the web. I came across a blog today that dedicated this YouTube video to him, although I can't figure out the connection. If you haven't seen these two Chinese kids lip sync Jessica Simpson, it is worth checking it out. We all need a laugh at Kenny's expense

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