Suffering Through a Saskatchewan Deep Freeze

It was -37 this morning, -45 with the windchill. That is just too cold if you ask me.

I understand why people came here, cheap land, a new life etc, but why did they stay? Desperation I assume. No where to go. I just can't imagine how anyone survived the winters in a sod hut or how the First Nations peoples managed to deal with weather like this.

How did the birds ever manage without feeders?

Just the walk from the car, through the Co-op parking lot to the store seems like too much. Given the choice, I'm not going out. In weather like this, it seems I am always rummaging around the freezer looking for alternative choices for supper.

So I guess I'll dig out those woolly socks, make do with what is in the fridge, go to Home Depot tomorrow and hunker down for another lovely day at home.

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