Statute of Limitations

I think we can say that we have safely past the stature of limitations concerning New Year’s resolutions. As of today the promises people made to lose weight, exercise or to just be a nicer person generally don’t have to be honoured any more, or at least that it what it seems.

Since November, I have been going to Regina’s Fieldhouse in an effort to get in better physical shape or in the very least get a bit more trim. I am amazed at the number of people who use the place. Frankly, I never realized how many people got up and dragged themselves to the gym before 8:30 each morning. (I say 8:30 because that is about as early as I can make it) Yet day after day I see the same people walking, jogging, playing badminton and working the torture machines.

Then, immediately after the new year started, the parking lot was suddenly packed with cars. More often than not I’d have to wait for space just to get changed in the locker room. The track was crowded with walkers and runners each one more determined that the other. It seemed that all the machines were being commandeered by driven, sweaty middle aged riders. I expected that if it got any worse, rivers of sweat would be flowing freely down the gym floors. To be honest I resented their intrusion more than just a little.

But, we are past all that now. Things are back to normal. The resolutionaries are once again staying tucked in bed or at the very least have reclaimed their spot on the couch watching Canada AM. The walk from the parking lot to the gym is much shorter which I assure you is a very big bonus when the temperature dips below -30.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions so I never really knew at what point you could just give up on them. Apparently it is January 27. From my perspective, it’s none too soon.

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  1. So true -- may they all stay home and leave lots of good parking for you.

    -- sb


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