Moving Slowly into the New Year

We are not jumping into 2009, vigorously announcing our New Year's resolution for all to hear, setting up goals we are bound to stop short of. One can be too aggressive in approaching a New Year. Marching in, all pumped up eager to face what ever obstacles it throws our way. That approach seldom turns out well.
We are more kind of, easing into the New Year, alphabetizing our bookshelves and culling our stock, shoveling snow, thinking about taking down the tree and trying to sort out our options. You know slowly making decisions like, "Should we walk Hadrian's Wall in June?" or should I try to figure out how to learn Spanish in Spain. Asking questions like, "Will the Camino be too busy in 2010, a Holy Year, or should we wait until 2011?"
You can rush things you know. So we wandered out, into a lovely snowy evening and had supper at The Creek in Cathedral Bistro. It was lovely and unhurried. Most patrons, deterred by the snow stayed home and opened a can of beans. We had a lovely, very tasty supper and a good bottle of wine.

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