Should we let Ford, GM and Chrysler go down?

To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about the big three bail out. Canada seems determined to follow the American lead, come hell or high water.

Basically we North Americans have had these gas guzzling beasts thrust into the market despite all the warnings about oil dependence. I find it annoying to share the road with Hummers and pickup trucks just slightly smaller than a Leopard tank.

But should we allow these guys to go under. Probably not is my guess. Not because they don’t deserve to but because of the people who lose their jobs if they do. We are kind of over a barrel. I do find it some comfort that the auto industry collapse has made the Government take another look at helping out forestry and manufacturing industries which have been in trouble for some time now.

I do think however that government must impose strict rules in regard to what sort of cars are made in and imported into Canada. If Big Three management don’t see fit to change the way they do business they should be wrestled into submission by regulation. Harper should take a look at Danny Williams’ play book for a start.

Before moving on though I thought I should share this tongue in cheek advertisement I found earlier today. You can find it here.

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