Christmas is Creeping Closer

It still really is too cold. Parking lots are full of diesel pickups left running so their Christmas shopper owners don't have to get into cold trucks when they are through picking up those last minute gifts. No one ever suggested that it would be a green Christmas.

Cold or not, I like this time of year. I do confess that I am not fond of store crowds, those inflatable front yard decorations or the 10,000 kilowatt light displays but who can complain about walking in the snow past twinkling lights, Christmas trees, the smell of fireplace wood smoke or getting together with friends.

I was brought up in small town Quebec and I remember with fondness the idea of tramping through the bush to cut your own tree, friends getting together to go caroling through the neighbourhood, going tobogganing or skating in the evening. Everyone boisterous and cold turning up at someone's house for hot chocolate before heading home for the night. I miss lots and lots of snow and candle lit midnight carol services.

The idea of heading somewhere warm for the holiday never held much allure for me. Christmas on the beach just wouldn't fit the bill.

Give me snow, a nice tree, Christmas morning waffles with whipped cream, an afternoon nap, roast turkey, good wine, candles, cookies, time at home with family and friends and a game or two of Trivial Persuit.

That is what I call Christmas.

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