Why wait for the solstice

Well I think we can stop pretending it is fall. November 20th and the temperature is -19. It is warmer in Yellowknife at -11 for God's sake. Welcome to Saskatchewan Winter.

It must be that I am not a native prairie person. I am just not prepared for this. It catches me up short every year.

My neighbours, prairie people to the core know about this stuff. As soon as Halloween is past the Christmas lights go up. Every year I scoff and snort about it but, they know what they are doing. Those aren't really Christmas lights they are winter decorations. Not there to welcome the festive holiday season but to try and shine some light into those dark winter evenings. What they are saying is not "Happy Holiday" it is "Winter is here and is going to be here for what will seem like a hell of a long time, so get used to it."

I guess I'll plug in my lights.

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