That Other Election

Finally, the Americans are going to vote.

I know I was pretty critical of the Canadian election process and it glaring flaws but that process south of the border really is over the top. I know that many Canadians will be glued to the idiot box this evening but frankly, I can’t bear to watch. OK perhaps I will tune in and watch Jon Stewart for a bit but the thought of watching the results roll in, state by state, is too much for me.

The USA is another country after all. Another country whose citizens hardly know we exist. I am not sure the two candidates know much more than the fact that we are this land mass north of their border. Oh yeah, well there is that oil we have. In fact when you think about it, there are no stories of Obama or McCain spending their summers at Regina Beach, or Long Beach or for that matter at Cavendish Beach. We aren’t really on their radar.

In truth, it is an election that I found offensive. You have to ask yourself:

  • How can a mature nation get into serious discussions about what a giant step it is to consider electing a black man?
  • What kind of people considers a tax system that in a very small way redistributes wealth, socialism?
  • Who thinks it is ok to yell “kill him” when Republican rallies refer to Obama as a friend of terrorists because he served on a Board with a 1960’s Weatherman?

Perhaps the most disturbing is that Americans think they are electing the leader of the free world.

I can’t watch.

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