The Final Stretch

Well, at last the final week of this election. I can't imagine living through the American model which seems to go on for ever.
Reasonable Canadians can breathe a sign of relief. It looks doubtful that Harper will get his majority. Interestingly Mr. Control Freak will only have himself to blame.
That raises some interesting questions. Here we have spend millions on a completely unnecessary election just to feed Little Stevie's ego. If he gets another minority which most expect, he should resign. But of course he won't.
So we'll be right back into it. A shaky minority and someone who wants to govern as if he had a majority.
I will say it again. What we need to do is defeat the Government and form a coalition government of Bloc, Liberal, Greens and NDP. Forced to compromise we could actually come up with some policy which will serve Canadians instead of the extreme right, farmers and business.

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