Don't worry be happy

What a difference a few days makes.

OK so we’ve gone from “Don’t worry, this isn’t the U.S. Our Fundamentals are strong” to “Holy shit, what’s next”

Banks are floundering around the world. The USA may never return to its position as the economic trend setter in the world. That of course would be a good thing. Their bullying at the IMF has pissed most countries off. But, who knows.

The world economy is in such tough shape we are even seeing economist jokes. “If you took all the economists in the world and laid them end to end, they still wouldn’t reach a consensus.” Who knew there were any economist jokes?

All of the banks’ economists are saying, we are in trouble and that we will have to go into a deficit to keep the economy stimulated. Of course none of the leaders will admit that is their plan during an election, particularly Little Stevie who of course is an economist by trade Apparently he is a poor one. Of course there is a very good possibility that he is just a liar.

Harper figures “ordinary Canadians” don’t like the arts much and will support him and his cuts. Has Harper figured out yet that “ordinary Canadians” whose pensions have just taken a beating won’t support his “Don’t worry be happy approach” to the economy?

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