Quiet Day

Today is a quiet day about halfway through the election.

Harper is trying to convince Canadians that he really didn't cut arts funding. Everyone just imagined it I guess. Personally I don't trust very much that he says.

Health Minister Tony Clement who managed to dodge his mishandling of the Maple Leaf Crisis thanks to the Ritz Cracker's foot in mouth disease is stumbling around trying to respond to the Liberal and NDP drug plan proposals. We'll do stuff too he says.

Little Stevie is also out there waving the tough on crime flag. They have been flogging that horse for months. It doesn't fly with voters with any level of sophistication. Enough said.

Dion says he won't agree to a coalition if Harper wins with a minority. What else can he do at this point? I just hope Stephene hasn't screwed this thing up so badly that the Tories get a majority. If they do win the expected minority government Dion would be wise to reconsider his position.

Jack Layton is banging the arts drum in Quebec today.

Someone has posted video clips of empty Liberal seats in the House of Commons during important votes. Dion had simply been afraid to bring the Government down when he should have.
They are on YouTube

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