Layton opens coalition option

Finally someone is making sense. Few leaders want to talk about this during an election but
Jack Layton says he is open to a coalition if Little Stevie doesn't win a majority.
Here we are in an unnecessary election, some would say an illegal election considering the legislation, and most likely when the dust settles we will be right back where we started. Why are we here at all? Harper wants to be king and he couldn't goad any of the opposition leaders into bringing the government down. He thinks Canadians love him and will give him a majority. I don't think Canadians are that stupid.
He would say that government was unworkable when in fact, he was getting bills passed and he was moving ahead his agenda.
So, assuming Harper wins another minority government the opposition parties should get together and show Harper what a dysfunctional government really is. They should bring the government down at the first opportunity and come together in a coalition and govern the country with a group of politicians that at the very least represent a majority of Canadians.
I for one have had enough of a government that has less that a majority of Canadians supporting them, working to change the very fabric of our country.

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