Have we Lost our Way?

I have been reading a good deal about bullying these last few weeks and we all are, or should be  aware of some recent tragic cases of teen bullying. The thought that continued harassment at school and in the community has pushed some kids to decide the only way out is to take their own life is an appalling statement about where we have arrived as a society.

Schools ignore it or when it does become known, the other kids circle the wagons making it difficult for educators and parents to deal with. 

Some Governments have concluded that the crisis has become so acute that they feel legislation is the only answer.  Legislation is probably the easiest answer but I am not sure it is the best.

In my view, what we need is a huge shift in what we value as a society and I am not hopeful.
  • I am shocked to read that Christian and Jewish groups are fighting against the Ontario legislation because they see protecting gay youth against bullying as condoning homosexuality. 
  • Kids’ coaches think it is appropriate to yell at 11 year olds, belittling them publically when they don’t play their best. 
  • NHL teams pay millions of dollars to thugs whose only role is, not to score goals, but to intimidate talented players in the ice. Players hold workshops designed to teach them how to fight. Canada’s National Sport has deteriorated to such a degree that when a fight breaks out so called fans stand and cheer. 
  • Workplaces can be just as bad. There is good reason why “going postal” is an accepted term for someone who goes off the edge after becoming so frustrated at work, they can't take it anymore. 
  • While media columnists be may among those speaking out against bullying the “If it bleeds it leads” approach to news if still quite prevalent.
  • YouTube videos featuring school yard fights are common, shared and laughed about. 
  • Try Goggling “Why psychopaths make good CEOs” 
  • Our current Federal Government thinks they are above the law. 
While I would agree with some that we really don’t need to continue to puzzle over the question “What does it means to be a Canadian” there might be real value in asking ourselves “What the hell has happen to us as a people?”

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