Do you suppose they are lying to us again

It is difficult  to watch your country change in ways that make you feel uncomfortable. That is exactly what is happening to me. It makes you feel a little sick to your stomach.

Perhaps what is more worrying, is realizing that most Canadians don't seem to give a rats ass about it.

After years building a reputation as peacekeepers we got ourselves embroiled in Afghanistan for no reason other that to appease the Americans who were still annoyed at us for justifiably sitting out the Iraq war.

We lost too many young Canadians just to prop up a corrupt and ungovernable country. We did it in the name of building schools and educating girls. It was a failed mission.

Our Government lied to us about our reasons for getting involved in Libya. Our Defence Minister swore up and down that out involvement had nothing to do with regime change until we changed the regime and we helped take credit for it.

Now, emboldened by our "successes" that same Defence Minister and his boss Stephen Harper are musing about getting involved in a conflict with Iran. Make no mistake about it. They are sending out trial balloons to see how Canadians react.

It is all about the issue of Iran perhaps, building toward having the capability to produce nuclear weapons.

Before we all rush in, remember all the lies we were fed about Iraq having "weapons of mass destruction" There weren't any. The Americans had them and so do the British, the Russians and several other nations but not Iraq. It was a all a big ruse put in place to justify the unjustifiable.

It is all more than a bit depressing.


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