Bubble Headed Bleached Blonde Falls Flat on her Face

Out here, in the nether reaches of Saskatchewan  to be exact, we don't get Sun News Network, also called, FOX North or as the Tories like to refer to it The Harper News Network.

It turns out it is just as well.

I think you will find the link to the below video interesting. Basically the Sun News "interviewer", to be generous, a Jersey Shore reject, tries to interview well known dancer and choreographer, Margie Gillis and falls flat on her face.

The Blue Meanies fought hard to get Sun News their broadcasting licence, overturning the CRTC. With the Sun News Network on air the Tories now feel that journalism in Canada is much more balanced than it once was.

I think it is an opportunity to look deep into the Conservative soul, just in case we 60 percenters weren't sure why we didn't vote for them.

I am sorry you have to sit through the commercial at the head but persevere.

And, just as a reminder about journalistic integrity take a few moments and listen to Don Henley


  1. So i went to sun news ...and now i need a shower.
    Looking deep into the conservative soul (is that an oxymoron?) is a perilous journey.
    Reminds me of the Anglican synod of about thirty years ago that to get with the times rejected the concept of active evil embodied by satan.
    At their next synod they reversed the decision...

  2. Bubble headed bleachy used to work for the CBC...oh the shame!

  3. I would watch it...but it'd only boost up their ratings. It did get quite a reaction on Reddit though...


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