Poll Shows Harper Off Track

Would you Trust This Man?
Speaking of democratic deficit a new Environics poll commissioned by Avaaz shows a decided gap between the policies being pushed during Harper's tightly scripted campaign stops and what Canadians want, need and believe.

The poll shows that 
  • 74% of Canadians - and perhaps surprisingly 64% of Conservatives - support Canada's gun laws (including the long gun registry), which Harper intends to scrap as soon as he can get a majority. 
  • It shows that 56% of all Canadians (including 42% of his supporters supporters) oppose reducing corporate taxes. 
  • Almost 70% of Canadians support maintaining a one tiered healthcare system. 
  • Most of us remember that Harper embarrassed Canadians by his stance on climate change. Delegates walked out while he was speaking and he was publicly taken to task by other world leaders. Eighty two percent of Canadians don't agree with Harper on climate change and believe that Canada should sign to a UN Climate Change Treaty,
In the face of these figures Stephen Harper, the proverbial bull in a china shop, charges on with his agenda.

Harper majority? Canadians are not that stupid.

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  1. Canadians ARE pretty stupid if 70 percent of them still believe in the myth of one-tier health care. We already have two-tier health care in Canada: those who can afford it can jump the queue any time they wish by going to the States (as did former Newfoundland Premier Danny Millions, when he needed heart surgery). I've often wondered why Canada's First Nations don't start setting up private health clinics on urban and other reserve lands. Wouldn't their reserve status offer constitutional exemption from the provisions of the Canada Health Act? At any rate, with the aging boomer population, the real money is going to be in health care, not casinos.


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