Snow Snow Snow

I got to Montreal in snow although it had pretty much quit by the time we went to bed.

We woke up to a full blown storm.

We slogged off into the snow to a small cafe for their $5.09 breakfast special. Two eggs, baked beans, bacon, toast and coffee. A good deal in anyone's books.

Our entertainment during breakfast was across the street. An immigrant driver - only someone from "away" would wear a hat like that - got stuck in the snow. He was a little panicked. We figure his pregnant wife was in labour.

A police car, then another turned up and one cop got behind the wheel of the stuck van while the others pushed the van out of the snow bank. Then a fire truck  arrived on the scene. Everyone helped the very pregnant woman into a police car and away they went to the hospital, lights flashing and it was back to breakfast for us.

Montreal got 15 cm of snow but Sherbrooke, where I am heading today got 70 cm. Now that is a snow fall.

They saw it will take ages to get things cleared up.

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