A Few Things I've Noticed

Saskatchewan Debt
I never bought it, but it seems pretty clear that a majority of the Saskatchewan voters believe the Saskatchewan party line that the province is in a boom. I was told the other day that Saskatchewan has the highest debt to income ratio in Canada. I wasn't surprised. Brad says we are in a boom. Things are good. Buy buy buy.

Then the Visa statement comes in the mail.

Domed Stadium
I'd say it has become pretty clear. Regina won't be seeing a new stadium for a while and certainly not a domed stadium.

Now, if the Riders had won the Grey Cup, Brad in his enthusiasm might have...but I digress.

The Regina Definition of a Booming Downtown.
They might be erecting a crane downtown sometime soon to start a new building. They closed the Plains Hotel months and months ago saying they were going to build a new hotel, office condo tower. Isn't it about time to start at the very least digging a hole in the ground.

My Snow Removal Rant
Regina has the worst snow removal plan of any city in the country.  Or perhaps Regina just has the worst snow removal system of any other city I have lived in and I have lived in more than a few Canadian cities, coast to coast.

This year they have embarked on a campaign to guilt homeowners into clearing their sidewalks. Not a bad idea actually. In my neighborhood an army of old retired guys get out their snow blowers and do the job but, all the while, the city ignores the snow banks their own plows have piled onto sidewalks along the parks and other city property.

Our Messed up Electoral System
The Globe & Mail tells me that the Harperites are headed for a majority government because they have just passed 38.1% in the polls. How screwed up is that?

Any system that would give a majority to a government that can garner 38% is seriously ill. What is perhaps even sicker is that none of the political parties will make this fact a major issue. They all are dreaming of the day they can dupe the public using the same broken system to give then the advantage.

Who the Hell Wanted us There in the First Place?
As much as Stephen Harper, bolstered by the Liberals wants Canada to have a continued presence in Afghanistan, almost 60% of Afghans and most Canadians want foreign troops either out right now, or very soon. Imagine if all that money could have gone into healthcare or education.

What idiot Canadian politician thought it was a good idea for us to go into to that country in the first place?

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