The Conservatives are Spammers of the Worst Kind

 My MP is a homophobic, bush league, Parliamentary bench warmer who only speaks out after it has been cleared by the PMO staff. He is good at getting his picture taken handing over cheques, but little else.

He was particularly silent on the BHP takeover bid even when his old buddy Brad Wall was talking up a storm.  He claimed in the media that he was prevented by law from give his opinion on the matter but unfortunately the reporters forgot to ask him what law it was that prevented him from supporting his constituents position on the takeover.

Tom doesn't really care what urban voters think. He has never come to my door election time and in fact he is seldom seen in the Regina area spending his constituency time pandering to rural voters. Those guys would elect a dead horse if it wore a Conservative t-shirt. Some would suggest they already have.

What Tom Lukiwski is really good at is having his staff send us all the Canada Post equivalent of Spam.

The conservative government members are flooding the postal system with useless propaganda hoping that we will in turn do  the same by returning the whole thing with the expected a response supporting Stephen Harper. When they ask me, "WHO IS WORKING IN THE BEST INTEREST OF CANADIANS (their caps not mine). I usually send it back with checks beside Micheal Ignatieff, Jack Layton, and Elizabeth May.

I find this stuff particularly offensive.

The latest rant I got from Tom Boy was all about how a Stephen Harper Government is so much better that the alternative which he sees as a "ragtag coalition".  The interesting thing is that neither Ignatieff, Layton nor Duceppe wants a coalition to many of us, a coalition government, by its very nature forced to work in co-operation with each other would be 500% better that the government we have. The Harper model is divisive.  Think about it. It thrives on setting one part of the country against another, rural versus urban, knuckle draggers against gun control advocates - you see what I mean. Harper is tearing this country apart and guys like Lukiwski are helping him do it.

Come on boys and girls. Next chance we get, let's dump these people before it is too late.


  1. Layton is also a big-time spammer, much worse --in terms of volume, not passing judgment on the content, which I don't read--than anyone else in my constituency (Mr. A-Team isn't my MP). I disagree with the policy that MPs can use Canada Post postage free for their junk mail and that their stuff must also be delivered by law despite my three NO JUNK MAIL signs (one on my mailbox, one above the mailbox, and one on the railing of my front porch in a visible location).

    I once toyed with posting a sign on my door during a federal election campaign that I would vote for the candidate who left the least amount of crap in my mailbox. But that would have probably meant my first ever vote for either Western Heritage or the Marxist Leninists!

  2. We have always received a few of these flyers in the mail but the mailings have really come into their own since the Conservatives have been in power. A couple of years ago Harper and his gang of thugs spent $3.5 million on printing these pesky fliers alone. That doesn't factor in the cost of mailing and exceeds the cost spend by the opposition parties combined.
    Figures released by the Commons this year show MP printing costs doubled from 2005 to 2009, hitting $10 million last year when 38 of the top 40 spenders were Tories.


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