Way to go George

Usually main stream media just don't seem to get it. 

Last night on his show George Stroumboulopoulos  said;

“The gun registry survived last night’s vote 153-151, but the prime minister just won’t let it go.

Take a look. (Stephen Harper: “. . . we will continue our efforts until this registry is finally abolished.”)

Here’s what I just don’t understand. And you can help me through this. Does the Prime Minister think it’s not a democracy if he doesn’t win?  ‘Cause MPs represent people. So we have to assume that they voted for their constituents. In fact we know that a lot of MPs went against their own personal beliefs to represent their constituents. So in a sense Canadians have spoken.

But Mr. Harper . . . if you think the system isn’t fair – I’m with you. So why don’t we change it. How about proportional representation, where every vote actually counts.”

I know George probably doesn't consider himself main stream so "I am sorry for suggesting you are George but "Way to go  buddy!"

Check George out at http://www.cbc.ca/strombo/videos.html?ID=1599034077  or go to 

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