The Sham Continues

Illegal Detention

The U.S. military judge presiding over Omar Khadr's war-crimes trial does not believe that the child soldier was ever tortured by his American captors or interrogators.

In a ruling released today the co-called judge, Col. Patrick Parrish says there is no "credible evidence" Khadr was abused. The nine-page document explains his reasoning as to why  he is allowing confessions Khadr gave during interrogation to be used against him at trial.The judge of this kangaroo court  said Khadr's self-incriminating statements were given voluntarily and that admitting them as evidence is in the interests of justice.

They next thing is that the judge will most likely claim is that Khadar was not 15 years old when it all happened, that he was not shot and wounded in the gunfight and of course he already believes the process doen't fly in the face of international law.

 I am sorry but there is no justice to be found in this process. The military trial will admit evidence which would never be allowed in any court in the USA or Canada. Khadar is doomed.

This whole process is a sham any supposedly democratic nation should be ashamed of. If Canada had a Prime Minister guided by reason instead of ideology Khadar would have been freed years ago.

Harper has to go.

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