Brad Wall is off Base on MS

I'm not sure about this

In the face of two new European studies debunking controversial Dr. Zamboni's "Liberation Treatment" for Multiple Sclerosis Saskatchewan's Premier figures damn the torpedoes. full speed ahead. Who knows what drives him but I'd wager it was a meeting with someone in small town Saskatchewan or from his church who came to him with a heart wrenching story about living with MS and not a well thought out strategy from within the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

When you run a government filled with members whose business experience is limited to small town Dairy Queens and implement dealerships and whose scientific knowledge is just about nil, you can get away with this kind of thing.

There is very little being said by the Saskatchewan medical community, they know enough not to bite the hand that feeds them. Speak out and it is easy pretty easy to find yourself replaced by an old party hack out here on the prairies.

The question if you ask me is "Why does Saskatchewan have the highest rate of MS in the country."

The Montreal Gazette reports that Dr. Jock Murray, a professor emeritus and founder of the Dalhousie Multiple Sclerosis Research Unit, said he doubts wall will get much support in his willingness to fund clinical trials.

"It's an unusual decision for a politician to select a specific therapy, unproven therapy, for a specific disease. It becomes then a political process. Whoever can put the most pressure on politicians will get the priority for medical research..." 

What a way to run a health Care system. I thought there was a national strategy of some sort.
The next think we expect that Brad will do is to offer copper bracelets free to arthritis sufferers.

As long as there are crippling and fatal diseases out there will be desperate people keen to find alternative treatments.  I guess we have to be thankful that Brad wasn't in power when Laetrile treatments were the rage in Mexico.

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